Type 1 Fixes can carry a significant cantilever load; as a general rule of thumb, it is a good idea to keep the cantilever distance, that is the shelf depth, shorter than the height between the Fixes. In most circumstances, the screws will pull out of the panel before the Button-fixes fail. Please download our load test results from the Useful Information page on this website. This should help you to specify the number of Button-fixes to use for a given load. However, we strongly recommend that you perform your own tests for your specific application and the materials that you intend to use and that you use a generous safety factor.

Type 2 Fixes are designed as a push/pull fit, and will therefore not take a cantilever load. Assuming that the screws and substrate are properly matched, a vertical panel under no other loading than its own weight, fixed with four Type 2 Fixes, can safely weigh 80kg. Other configurations should always be properly tested by the user to their satisfaction.
Each Type 2 Fix requires approximately 12kg force to separate the Button and Fix; this should be taken into account when designing your installation and defining your safety factors.
Type 2 Fixes should only be used on vertical panels or in applications where the weight of the panel does not act to separate the fixing. In critical applications for Type 2 Fixes, always use the safety cord accessory.
Please note that safety cords are sold separately from the Button-fixes.