For maximum strength on plasterboard, fixing through to studs or noggings is best. If this is not practical, direct fixing onto the plasterboard is possible, but the maximum loadings must be reduced significantly.
The next best option is to attach the Fix to the plasterboard using expanding metal fittings, such as Rawl M5 Interset sleeve fixings. These have the advantage of being demountable, as well as having a good load capacity.

If necessary, and if maximum load is not so critical, the Button may be fixed to the plasterboard; Interset fixings may be used for fixing the buttons, but the standard pan head M5 screw will need to be substituted with a countersunk M5 screw of a suitable length. Alternatively for fixing the Buttons, fixings such as the Rawl ‘4ALL’ universal plug (Ø8mm for a Ø5mm screw) may be used. Using a Ø30mm M5 penny washer under the button helps spread the load.