Yes, with the proviso that the Button-Fixes are not subject to direct sunlight (Ultra Violet light will weaken all plastics with age; however in most situations as an ‘invisible fix’, the Button-fix fittings will be shielded from direct sunlight) The Button-fix fittings are moulded in a glass filled nylon polymer that is tolerant of wet conditions and has good resistance to acid and alkalis. Please make sure that you use stainless steel screws into suitable materials.

External panels will be subject to greater fluctuations in temperature (especially if subjected to direct sunlight); on larger panels this may cause problems, as the expansion may cause buckling/increased stress on the fixings. Always ensure the design (length/material) of the panels is taken into account, and the Fixes are mounted to best accomodate any expansion; for instance, the orientation of the Fix should be parallel to the longest side: Therefore, a long horizontal panel is best intalled using fixes oriented horizontally, which gives far more tolerance for any expansion. Always ensure that the panels are secured with some kind of stop, particularly if mounted horizontally, to avoid any possibility of detachment.