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What glue or adhesive do you recommend for Type 1 Bonded?

The Type 1 Bonded Fix is made of ABS, which is a relatively good plastic for bonding, and there are many structural adhesives suitable for a wide range of panel materials: e.g. a 2-part structural acrylic adhesive, a matched adhesive for solid surface (Corian®, Hanex®, etc.) or solvent weld for bonding to acrylic.
Epoxy resins, such as Araldite also work well.
We have also used MS polymer adhesive mastics with great sucess, such as Parabond 500, Soudal Fix-All High Tack/Turbo, Everbuild Stixall, Evostik Sticks like sh*t, to name a few; these are particularly easy to use, tough, strong and odour-free.
Generally, the button fixing screw will fail before any of the the adhesives mentioned give way.
A Type 1 Bonded has been tested (rebated in Corian® with matched adhesive) to destruction at an astonishing 625Kg, when the screw holding the button sheared!
When ‘face-fixed’ (ie. not rebated) using Parabond 500, the plastic of the Fix fails (not the adhesive bond) at approx. 200Kg.

How do I use the load/strength test report?

For Type 1 Fixes, ‘Buttonfix strength testing report’ is available here.

The figures in the table are for four Type 1 Fixes (in a standard ‘2 x 2’ array) and are already adjusted to give a 1.4 safety factor. These figures are actually the maximum for two Fixes only; this is because theoretically, allowing for inaccurate fixing of the components, only two Fixes can be guaranteed to be loaded at one time: this applies to any size of panel, with more than 4 Fixes.

In practice, with reasonably accurate fixing, and with their inherent flexibility, the load will be shared between most of the components, and the safe loads will increase with an increase in the number of Fixes used.

As can be seen from the design tables, It is a good rule of thumb to aim to keep the ‘cantilever’ distance — that is the ‘shelf depth’ — shorter than the height between the Fixes.

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