If the surface of the panel is smooth and air tight, use suction panel lifting pads and lift in the direction of the Button-fixes (usually vertical but sideways mounting is possible). If the surface is too rough or corrugated for the vacuum pads to grip, depending on the configuration and weight of your panels, you can either hand lift from the bottom of the panel or use a door lifting lever under the bottom edge. Please be aware of health and safety issues when lifting heavy loads.

To ease the removal of a panel, it is possible to remove the détente ‘ears’ on the Fix using a small flat screwdriver or needle nosed pliers, this will remove the ‘click’ fit, reducing the force required to install and remove the panel. If you do this, please protect your eyes, or cover the Fix with a gloved hand. If required, you can remove all of the détentes to facilitate a frequently removed vertical panel, but please be aware that there will be no force other than gravity keeping it in place. Please see ‘useful tips’ under ‘Type 1 Fix’ in the Videos page.