If the load is purely in the vertical plane, then four Button-fixes will usually be sufficient to carry the load of most timber based panels that one person can lift. However, in order to keep the panel flat you may wish to use more Button-fixes. As a rough guide, placing Button-fixes on 600mm is usually good practice but it will very much depend on your particular application.

For more detailed loading information on Type 1 Fixes, please see the ‘Buttonfix strength test report’ on the Useful Information page.

The Type 2 Fix is ideal for applications where the emphasis is on ease of fit rather than strength. Assuming that the screws and substrate are properly matched, a vertical panel under no other loading than it’s own weight, fixed with four Type 2 Fixes, can safely weigh 80kg. Other configurations should always be tested by the user.
Each Type 2 Fix requires approximately 12kg force to separate the Button and Fix; this should be taken into account when designing your installation and defining your safety factors.
Type 2 Fixes should only be used on vertical panels or in applications where the weight of the panel does not act to separate the fixing. In critical applications for Type 2 Fixes, always use the safety cord accessory.