Varianta Euroscrews are useful for giving good strength in thin panels, normally in particleboard. The orange Buttons are designed to accept countersunk Ø6.2mm Euroscrews for Ø5mm pilot holes. While both the Type 1 and Type 2 Fixes are not specifically designed for use with Euroscrews, they can function satisfactorily. For instance the Ø6.2mm Euroscrews are a tight fit in the Type 1 Fix holes, but they install readily when the Fix is in-situ with the pilot holes in the panel to guide them. The Type 2 Fix will only accept Ø4.2mm Euroscrews for Ø3mm pilot holes. Please see the Videos page.
For more detailed information, including screw length/panel thickness guides, please download the ‘Suggested Fixings for Buttonfix’ PDF from the Useful Information page.