Button Type 1 Bonded Button-fix for applications where screw-fixing to the panel is not possible (e.g. mirrors, signage or lightweight panels)

The Button-fix concept is simple: durable nylon Buttons are attached to the back of one panel and the mating Fixes are attached to the other. Bring the panels together and slide until the Button-fixes ‘click’. The Type 1 Bonded Fix is ideal for interior fit-outs, renovation and furniture projects and is designed to suit a wide variety of panel materials and thicknesses.



Button Fix buttons

Panel materials and fixings

Type 1 Bonded Button Fix panel materials and fixings

* The Fix is manufactured in ABS plastic. There are many structural adhesives suitable for bonding it to a wide range of panel materials, e.g. a 2-part structural acrylic adhesive. Always follow the adhesive manufacturer’s recommendations on substrate suitability, preparation and loadings, and perform your own tests as necessary.

Panel orientation and loading

Type 1 Bonded Button Fix panel orientation and loading

Dimensions and materials


  • The Fix is moulded from ABS
  • The Button is moulded from 30% glass filled nylon PA6
  • Manufactured in the UK

Click here to download DXF CAD drawings.


Button fix Type 1 Bonded Accessories

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Fixing instructions

Button Fix Type 1 Bonded Instructions

Multijig Instructions