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Ceiling Panels

What goes up must come down, but preferably not unintentionally on someone’s head!

We receive many enquiries a week about the suitability of Button-fix for use with ceiling panels. While most people are drawn to the Type 2 fix, actually this is not the one which we would recommend for this purpose. It is the Type 1.

From the ‘Buttonfix strength testing report (see https://button-fix.com/technical-resources) and using figures based on the maximum perpendicular pull-out force rather than shear force, we can ascertain a maximum panel weight. For example; when mounting an MDF panel using four Type 1 Fixes, a maximum panel mass of 150kg may be accommodated (including a 1.4 safety factor), which gives plenty of safety margin!

Type 2 Fixes are NOT suitable for ceiling panels if the panel load is pulling directly to disengage the Fix and Button. Even if a ceiling panel under test appears secure, and the panel weight is well below the Fix disengagement force, the steady load on the Fix ‘jaws’ causes creep in the polymer, which may lead to the panel disengaging days, or even weeks later. That would be a nasty surprise for someone in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This can be an issue for any ‘push-on’ fitting used for ceiling panels: that is why the security of the keyway engagement of the Type 1 Fix is so important.

So, if you are looking for a fixing for ceiling panels, the Type 1 Button-fix is your answer!

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