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New products for 2020

The best just got better! January sees the launch of several new components, designed to make Button-fix even easier to install.

  • The new blue Button has been specially designed for the Type 2 Fix making it even easier to locate during assembly. It can take both CSK and Euro screws. There is even a special membrane to hold the tip of the screw in place making positioning more user-friendly.
  • To complement the updated Type 2 Button and Fix combination, a new Fix Marker tool is now available. This is easier to use, even more precise and firmer in situ.
  • A new Button Marker tool now slides into all the Type one versions, firmly and
    accurately holds its position and is more comfortable to use.
  • A new Multijig in clear acrylic and printed guidelines enables all the Type 1 versions to be routed into panels.


  "Just because users praise our fixings doesn’t mean that our products cannot be improved. We looked long and hard at how they were being used then made several careful refinements. The results speak for themselves: the best just got better."

Tony Wills, Buttonfix Limited

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When speed, strength and precision are important, button-fix is the only fix
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Where to buy

Button-fix is available worldwide. Click below to find a stockist.

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@GarryMartin @NigelTaylor11 @Festool_GB @ValorianiUK not the new one - see https://t.co/ogRT79gADG
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@GarryMartin @NigelTaylor11 @Festool_GB @ValorianiUK There are no steel inserts in this version. Please could you DM an example of a bought/new alternative so I can pass it on to our design and production team? Must, of course, be made in the UK too.
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@NigelTaylor11 @Festool_GB @ValorianiUK I will feed that back to the team and the stockist as we haven't had that feedback before
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