When performance cannot be compromised

The new Type 1 Metal Button-fix is designed for the most demanding applications, for example, for use with fire-retardant panels and in environments where fire smoke toxicity is a concern.

Designed for performance

The Type 1 Metal Button-fix retains all the benefits of the composite polymer versions – quick and easy installation, access to services, and amazing strength – but is manufactured in materials that are compliant for use with fire-retardant panels. The Fix and Button are diecast in a durable zinc alloy and a 316 stainless-steel spring provides the reassuring 'click' as the Button-fix locks home.

Thoroughly tested

Our product has been engaged and disengaged over 15,000 times, to ensure reliable performance no matter how many times the panel is removed. An independent vibration and shock load tests show that Type 1 Metal can withstand an astonishing 15g force – far greater than any fighter pilot experiences.  Independent tests also show that a vertical panel mounted on four Type 1 Metal Button-fixes (with the screws and substrate properly matched) can support loads up to 390kg (850lbs), based on a safety factor of 3.

Meeting marine standards

Type 1 Metal Button-fix meets the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) Standards: Annex 2.1 for non-combustible materials, making it ideal for all types of interior panelling on yachts and ships. The fastener's reliable performance in the vibration and shock load tests make Type 1 Metal the perfect choice for a wide range of transport applications.


Published | July 4 2019

  • Button-fix Type 1 Metal

“Designers and architects frequently ask us which Button-fix to specify with fire-retardant panels; now we have the perfect answer.”

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When speed, strength and precision are important, button-fix is the only fix
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