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Surefit Fitted Furniture is a bespoke cabinet maker based in Longton, Lancashire. With over 30 years’ experience, Surefit have recently started to use Button-fix Type 2 Fixes and Type 2 buttons for their bespoke radiator cabinets. The dedicated Type 2 Buttons are designed to help guide the panels into place and will accept both Euroscrews and countersunk screws.

Steve Hill says: ‘I’ve used Button-Fix on a few jobs now and love the simplicity of them’.

The top of the radiator cabinet is removable so customers can simply pop the lid off to adjust the radiator temperature, and then quickly and securely replace the lid using our push and fit system.Surefit also use the same Type 2 fixing to attach the cabinets to the wall. This allows the customer or plumber to easily unclip the whole unit to gain access to the radiator and simply push it back into place.

‘The Type 2 marking tools are such a good idea and so accurate, they take away all the guess work. I am already thinking of other applications I can use them on - my fitted bedrooms, kitchens, and other fitted furniture. I am looking forward to trying out your other fixings’.

Surefit Fitted Furniture can be contacted the details listed below:

 07818 067880



Surefit with type 2 button

surefit lid off

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