Interview with Ben Burr from Benjamin Thomas Design

"Button-fix not only had the perfect fitting for my needs but also the perfect credentials", says the designer of Slöt Desk, the innovative solution for home working that can be assembled in less than 2 minutes with no tools.

Please can you tell us about your business, how and when it started, what your focus is on:

Benjamin Thomas Design Ltd is a design consultancy, founded in 2017, that focuses on technical design and manufacture. We take on a wide range of projects from small component designs to large scale installations.

Tell us more about the Slöt Desk:

Slöt was born from a simple idea that has taken on a life of its own. During the Covid 19 lockdown I built a desk for my wife from some scrap  timber, just a simple set of trestles and a top but the slot idea was already forming in my mind. When a friend contacted me asking if I could make him a desk for working at home I finally sat down and got to work on the design of the Slöt Desk.

The original design was very quickly sketched out in CAD and modelled as a 3D CAD model. I set myself a couple of specifications to give myself some parameters to work within:

  • Must be manufactured in a sustainable material with minimal waste.
  • Must be affordable.
  • Should not compromise on its function.
  • The desk should quickly and easily assemble and disassemble so it can be removed from the home environment.

I selected the 18mm birch ply because of its sustainability and sturdiness and set myself the challenge that 1 desk should be cut from a single 2400mm x 1200mm sheet of material. This would reduce the amount of material waste and help in reducing the cost.

The biggest issue was to nest all the components onto a single sheet. With a few minor adjustments to the design I was able to nest all the parts onto a single sheet and into manufacture.

Why did you choose Button-fix fixings instead of others in the market?

The design had always involved the use of button fixings and I had never considered using anything else.

Button-fix is the only component to be bought in 'off the shelf', also fitted beautifully with the ethos of the Slöt Desk manufacture. I wanted to produce a simple, clever, innovative product that was centred around good design, quality materials and quality manufacturing in the UK.

Button-fix not only had the perfect fixing for my needs but also the perfect credentials.

What was your experience of the Type 2 Fix and Button?

The Type 2 Fix and Type 2 Button was exactly the right fitting for my needs, it is a solid and sturdy product that gives a satisfying click as it drops into place so you are in no doubt that all the parts of the desk are in place as they should be.

When dis-assembling the desk there is a reassuring amount of resistance to the Type 2 Fix so you are in no doubt that its doing its job, however I have never had any trouble in pulling the sections apart making it easy for anyone to dis-assemble. Thanks in part to Button-fix the Slöt Desk can be assembled and disassembled in less than 2 minutes with no tools required at all.

Did you contact the Button-fix technical team with any questions or queries? 

The product is simple and intuitive, so I didn’t need any assistance.

Have you used Button-fix for any other applications?

I used the Type 1 Fix to wall mount a number of 3D wall hangings that then had images projected onto them several years ago.

I am also working on new Slöt designs that will more than likely include Button-fix.

How easy was Button-fix to source?

Very easy, a quick Google search of Button-fix brought up a number of suppliers including Amazon.

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Quick assembly Slöt Desk built with Type 2 Button-fix

Quick assembly Slöt Desk built with Type 2 Button-fix.

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