Case Study - The Greenwich Alcove Company

'Button-fix inspires confidence as a fitter'. A Button-fix case study with The Greenwich Alcove Company who use Type 1 Flush for their made to measure furniture.

The Greenwich Alcove Company is a bespoke cabinet maker based in Rayleigh, Essex. The company started in Greenwich, London, 15 years ago and continues to serve customers in Blackheath and Greenwich to this day, using joinery and cabinet making skills that have been passed down through generations.

The Greenwich Alcove Company have recently started using Button-fix Type 1 Flush along with our green Countersunk Buttons on their made to measure furniture projects. All their work is designed to the client or architect’s specification, made, professionally sprayed or hand finished and fitted by Mike Hazell, the owner. They offer a completely bespoke and in-house service with no element farmed out to any third parties, therefore the client has their undivided attention for the duration of the project.

When designing bespoke furniture, good communication is key. For Mike, the design process starts with meeting the client to get a feel for their ideas, wants and wishes. Some have a very clear idea of what they want. Some will need to be inspired with ideas and visual suggestions. The client can then absorb the ideas in their own time and suggest tweaks and changes which Mike amends in the drawings until they are happy.


‘It really is about good communication.’

‘In this particular project I knew they would be the perfect solution and more importantly the easiest solution for me as the fitter. They were the ideal secret panel fixing for the birch ply wall panels for a fitter working alone or in a team.

I wasn’t aware there were other solutions for what I wanted to do! I’d only used Keku panel fixings before which wouldn’t have been suitable for this project. I could’ve made my own ‘french cleats’ to hang the wall panels but I knew button fix would be quicker and more accurate.

Button-fix is a first class product. Easy to use, well made and engineered. Accurate. Button-fix inspires confidence as a fitter.’

‘The whole accuracy of the final outcome rests on the accuracy and ease of use of the marker tools. Again, fantastic when you work alone.’

Using Button-fix has been such a success for Mike that he has even started using them for other applications such as bath panels, for easy removal of boxing in to boiler pipes, and non-weight bearing exterior applications like mounting House No. wall plaques.

The Greenwich Alcove Company can be contacted using the details listed below.


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