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Improved speeds in internet connectivity and a proliferation of video on demand and streaming services such as Netflix, combined with advances in audio and video technology are helping to grow the market for home cinema. A market, according to a Global Insight Report, expected to exceed a value of USD 28 billion by 2023.

Starscape Star Ceilings Ltd, regarded as a leader in the design and installation of fibre optic lighting systems, which provide the finishing touch for the home cinema, is benefiting from this spiralling trend.

Fascinated by the stars, one-time journalist and amateur astronomer, Peter Fagan set up the company with a view to bringing the twinkle of the night skies indoors to help create the luxury and ambience of the cinema experience at home. With his range of fibre optic star kits, ceiling panels and bespoke lighting systems, he has achieved this: 18 years on, his products feature in homes across the UK, Europe and as far afield as Australia.

But with such a widespread client base, it was never going to be a sensible option for the Northumberland based business to carry out every installation themselves, “So, says Peter, “we had to make it extremely easy for our customers, whether professional installers or DIYers, to install the fibre optic panels themselves.

“For us that meant including in the box absolutely everything required for a quick and trouble-free installation of our star panels: instructions, fibre optic cables, LED light source, transformer plug, remote control, panel, colour and twinkle wheels, fixing mechanism and adhesive. Typically, our panels are suspended from ceilings, so we needed to include a secure mechanism for attaching them. We chose Button-fix not only because it is strong and easy to use, but because the fixing is entirely concealed – we didn’t want bolts on show as that would detract from the beauty and realism of our lighting. And because our customers reassuringly tell us that they find Button-fix fairly intuitive and really easy to use, we are pleased that we made the decision to go with it.

Corona Star Panel- Starscape Fibre Optics

“Each of our four standard off-the shelf star panels are shipped with six Button-fixes already attached. Customers then use a simple marker tool to position the mating fixes on the ceiling. Once done, the panel slides securely into place. Easy!

Starscape’s fibre optic lighting is also used in other rooms in the home, particularly in children’s bedrooms, where both elliptical panel or the Skyview system, designed to simulate the effect of looking through a multi-paned skylight, are popular. 

The company also offers bespoke lighting systems for high-end home cinema builds, as well as undertaking municipal and public space lighting commissions.

A great example of the fibre optic lighting system manufactured by the company featured at Blenheim Palace's "Christmas at Blenheim" festival of light 2016. On that project, Starscape worked closely with the designer, Simon Hayes, on the production of his stunning ‘Meadow of Light’.

Published | May 9, 2018

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“Our customers reassuringly tell us that they find Button-fix fairly intuitive and really easy to use, we are pleased that we made the decision to go with it."

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