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Seeking a lightweight and technologically superior fixing solution for use on the latest addition to its award winning sailboat range, RS Sailing turned to Buttonfix. Providing a bespoke solution that enables the compass to be safely secured and regularly removed, Button-fix Type 1 fasteners met the challenging requirements.

RS Sailing is an international award winning sailboat manufacturer. During the three-year design and development of its latest innovation – the RS Aero – the team was tasked with creating an up-to-date single hander boat technologically superior to others on the market. Consequently, each boat component was researched to ensure the highest standard of performance.
With an ultra lightweight design, the hull form and rigs did not need to be extreme meaning the RS Aero is easy to handle for a single user.
Traditionally, nuts and bolts that add unnecessary weight to the boat are used to secure the compass. To remove this additional weight, RS Sailing sought an innovative new fixing solution.

RS Sailing Aero, inset compass mounted with Button-fix
Alex Newton-Southon, Managing Director – Operations and technical at RS Sailing said, “We came across Button-fix fasteners and their award-winning design fitted our need for a superior fixing solution perfectly. It looks good and adds to the stylish finish of the RS Aero.”
Button-fix fasteners provide a range of secure fixing solutions suitable for horizontal, vertical and 90o applications. Consisting of a lightweight durable nylon Button and a mating Fix, the Type 1 Fix is ideal for securing parallel objects and panels as well as interior furnishings such as boat and yacht furniture.
An incredibly strong fixing solution, provided the substrate and screws are correctly matched, four Type 1 Fixes can safely hold up to 200kg.
To aid the sophisticated finish of the RS Aero, Buttonfix provided a bespoke Type 1 Fix. Matching the boat’s distinctive branding, the Button was provided in black to seamlessly blend with its aesthetic design.
To allow the compass to be demountable, the Button is firmly secured to the boat, whilst the mating Fix is attached to the compass. Both components are then combined, producing an audible ‘click’ when connected.
Installed with a 15mm gap, the compass can be simply unattached when not required.
Alex Newton-Southon added, “Using Button-fix fasteners means that we have the flexibility we were looking for to allow us to remove the compass after sailing, whilst providing a secure fix when on the water.
“We couldn’t be happier with the result we get from Button-fix fasteners and continue to look for opportunities to use products like this across our development projects and existing fleets.”
Julie Freedman, Head of Sales and Marketing at Buttonfix said, “Button-fix fasteners are an ideal solution for the boating sector. A lightweight and removable alternative to traditional fixing methods, the Button-fix range provides an invisible method of securing compasses, interior furnishings and boat and yacht panelling alike.” 

Published | May 29, 2018

  • RS Sailing Aero single-hander boat

“We couldn’t be happier with the result we get from Button-fix fasteners and continue to look for opportunities to use products like this across our development projects and existing fleets.”

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