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When Signseen Limited were commissioned to make and install large letters for the facade of a house developer's sales suite, they used Type 1 Flush Button-fix to achieve robust and invisible mountings.

David Mearns of Guildford-based signmakers, Signseen Ltd, knows a good product when he sees one. The Button-fix range of concealed fixings has been designed to both integrate into CNC manufacturing processes and be quick and easy to install on site, thanks to the helpful Marker accessories. These features were a great benefit to Signseen, on a fast-track project for a major housing developer.

They were able to incorporate the Type 1 Flush profile into the router file for the letters, making the alignment and installation of the fixings into the letters very easy. They then used the same file for the template drawings.  The installers loved using them and their client loves the way the letters project very slightly from the wall, creating a neat shadow gap.

This is one of many examples of how Button-fix is making an impact on the signage industry. No wonder it was named Sign Industry Product of the Year in 2017 by the British Sign and Graphic Association.


  "We have been using Button-fix again this week, the team absolutely love them….we were able to fit the letters on quickly, avoiding delays with template drawings."

David Mearns, Signseen Limited

When speed, strength and precision are important, button-fix is the only fix

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